Processing feelings in detail

Some ways in how the process of working through feelings and emotions can proceed.


Just by simply telling your story, you will already release some pressure.

By talking in more detail about your feelings in a situation, your process the experience. By focussing in detail on what you really feel, the digestion process becomes more effective. The more you deal with the underlying thoughts and feelings, the better.

Processing on a deeper level

At first, you may notice some unclear feeling in your experience. When you focus on it, it becomes stronger, and more clear. It can also become different than what you initially thought it was.

When you stay with the feeling, more and more becomes clear about the situation and other feelings. Your feelings about yourself and the other come up, and how you see the other. Until eventually, things relax, and the initial feeling is gone.

However, that calmed state my not last long. Other, similar or related feelings come up. With the same process of focussing and getting things more clear, they are worked through. Until eventually, things get calm, and more unrelated feelings turn up.