You can "process" past experiences and their accompanying emotions. By this, you, as it were, refresh your skills.


Processing is really becoming aware of your memory of how you dealt with a situation. You kind of look at how you felt, and how you saw the other and the situation. This can feel somewhat as if it happens right now, you just feel a younger age.

When you get it clear enough, so that you understand why you reacted like that, the emotions and feelings will dissolve. After that, you will be less influenced by that past situation.

Your memory doesn't need to include everything from the situation. What matters is how you reacted, and why, not about how, as a manner of speaking, the tiles on the wall looked.


Basically, it is possible to process any experience that you ever had. It is just not easy to get everywhere, or to get sufficiently clear what you felt, sensed and thought. Getting to a memory is a matter of following associations.

If there is something you don't want to feel about a reaction, you will not get close enough to what you want to process. The digestion of the memory and its emotions then won't take place. It will however help if you try to be aware of your tendencies to not want to feel certain things. It is important to do processing in a sincere manner.

You usually have more than one experience about a certain subject. If you have processed one experience, there can still be more other experiences that are associated with the situation and influence your reactions. The more experiences you work through, the less you will still be influenced by old situations.