How does the Unconscious make us be?

That everyone has an Unconscious makes us humans be certain ways. Here are some of the things that happen.


We all have a habit of not wanting to feel things we don’t like. So, we may point to the other, when we feel accused or guilty. We do "valuable" things, to not feel the lack of value in ourselves. We go into our heads, daydreaming or thinking, in order to counteract the things that go on in our hearts our bodies. We do things that make us happy, or we distract ourselves with work, in order to not feel grief or sadness.

However, that doesn't actually mean that the feelings we didn't want to feel went away. They are still there, under the surface. They can pop up at any time, when something happens to us that reminds us of them. We usually don't even notice that this is happening, unless we really investigate our feelings.

Often, the old feelings that come up, make us react more than necessary to situation. We become more scared, more angry, more annoyed, than we would be if those old feelings wouldn’t all be there.