Ewald Berkers

Who I am

My name is Ewald Berkers, and I'm here to help you dealing with your emotions, by processing them.

Ewald Berkers

In the course of my life, I have gained a lot of psychological insight into how situations from your past influence how you are now.

My way of helping to process feelings is mostly based on what I learned while being a student of the Ridhwan School. In this spiritual school, processing is called "Inquiry." Here, every emotion, feeling or thought that you could have, is "inquired into." Students do that in exercises with other students, in sessions with teachers, and on their own.

I have found this to make numerous changes in me. It has made me much calmer, more myself, and more aware. It has made me more open, where I used to be unnecesarily cautious and aloof. It has made me more kind and compassionate, as I learned to understand people's pain much better.

Because of the many good things this has brought me, I want to help others too, to become more aware of their feelings and emotions, and thus process them.

Even though I left the Ridhwan School after 11 years, because I no longer agree with its main spiritual views, I am still highly appreciative of its psychological teachings.


I'd like to thank all Ridhwan students and psychotherapists who have supported me developing myself for this, or commented on this website.

Ewald Berkers