How I work

I help you process your emotions, by talking with you about them. I guide you to see where exactly they are coming from.


I am a good listener, and I compassionately support you finding your emotions. I don't judge you for having particular emotions, but accept you having any kind.

While one is engaged in an emotion, or is resisting it, it is more difficult to see in oneself what is really going on. Because I take a more objective stance, I can guide you to see things about yourself, that are not easy to see.

I may also explain things, to help you understand why you have particular feelings.

You don't need to be different than you really are, other than that you examine what you think and feel. Since I work by making you more deeply aware of yourself, I will usually not tell you how to behave in situations you are having trouble with. If you feel you need that, you could supplement my sessions with you with the guidance of someone else.

I basically have a depth psychological approach, meaning that I work by making your Unconscious conscious.

Online sessions over Skype

I only do sessions online, over Skype. I'm fine with audio only or video, or with chat.

If you would need to use other software for chatting or video, we can discuss other options.