Emotions that cause constipation


While constipation can have physical causes, it often are particular emotions that make your body hold back your bowel movements.

Not being able to poop can be upsetting, because you know that your body needs to regularly relieve itself.

People often look for physical causes for constipation. And that's good, as often it is your diet, a lack of exercise, or even some disease that is causing it. A lack of fiber in your diet, or too little fluids, are common causes. Eating sufficient amounts of vegetables, fruits, or whole grain products might just solve it.


But often, there are emotional causes. It usually has to do with feeling frustrated often.

The feeling of wanting to do something, but being held back, is not just in your mind, but in your entire body. It does influence your digestion and particularly your bowel movements. When you feel frustrated a lot of the time, you may also find yourself being constipated.

There may be particular situations in which you experience a lot of frustration. If things don't go smoothly at work, for example, you may find yourself not defecating yourself when in the workplace. During the weekends, or when having days off, suddenly you are not constipated anymore.

Getting angry to force your way through

When you get angry because you want to force your way through the obstruction, that can either help you or make things worse. Sometimes, force is just what you need, like when you have been unnecessarily cautious. But you could also break things, causing even more frustration. A conflict might merely get worse, a key might just break off.

When you feel unable to poop, but it feels like something obviously needs to get out, getting angry and forcing your body to poop can actually get some tissue ruptured. That is called an anal fissure. You will then know exactly what the expression 'a pain in the ass' comes from, as this can get very painful for many months on end. Go to your doctor (GP) when that has happened.

Working through the emotions

In order to deal with the feelings of frustation, it can be useful to process the emotions. You'll not only get more insight into what is actually happening, but the emotions will eventually get less intense, making your bowel movements easier.