Facial expression and mirror

Your facial expression in the mirror

Facial expression and mirror

Sometimes it is difficult to access your feelings. A way to get in touch with them, is checking out your facial expression in the mirror.

Particularly when you're scared, but also with other emotions, it may be difficult to actually feel what you are feeling. Tension is one thing that makes this difficult. But also, you will strongly focus on that which you're scared of, rather than on yourself. Your attention is outside of yourself.

When you are working through emotions, it can then help your process, to use a mirror to check out your facial expression. You're still looking outside of yourself, namely to the mirror, so that you don't need to turn your attention inside. But still you can notice your emotion in your facial expression, what your eyes are doing, your mouth, etc.

This technique has helped me on several occasions, to process feelings from my past that I otherwise hardly couldn't access. My expression would be very clear, then relax, change again, relax, as I gained more and more access to the feelings that were there.