Caring for dry lips

Dry lips and emotions

Caring for dry lips

Dry lips seem to be a purely physical problem. But I found that they can be caused by tension in the lips, and have a lot to do with emotions.

When I had dry lips, and I sensed my lips to find out what was actually happening, I found that there actually was quite some tension in them. I thought it could be quite possible, that the tension was causing my lips to get dry, by pinching my lips. And I thought that emotions that I wasn't yet feeling could be causing that.

So, by relaxing my lips a bit, I allowed myself to feel what emotion would come up. I noticed anger, that had to do with a conflict I was having with someone. I felt like I wanted to convince him of my being right, in a strong way, with a loud voice. But actually, in the conflict, I had not been that loud.

I knew from past experience that doing this, so loudly, doesn't quite work for me. But the tendency to do that, was still there. I was supressing it, in order to behave in a more appropriate way.

Allowing the emotion and other feelings from the conflict to come up (without actually being loud) I was able to get into this state. At a certain point, I felt myself relaxing, the anger had gone. Then, after a few seconds, similar emotions came up, that I worked through in the same way. After engaging in this for a while, I felt calmer and more relaxed than before.

The next day, my lips were noticably less dry.