Tai chi chuan

Doing Taichi wrong - on purpose

Tai chi chuan

By trying to do the movements of Taichi right, all kinds of tensions developed in my body. How I found that doing the movements wrong, on purpose, relaxes.

A month or so ago, I noticed several pains in my upper back. While paying attention to what was happening, over time I noticed that tensions were causing the pains. Focussing even more on the tensions, revealed that my muscles were not all doing the same movements. I was in fact doing opposite movements, at the same time.

I would for example try to keep my body straight ahead. But, part of me was not being straight, but was looking to the side. Then, another part of me was correcting that, forcing my body and head to not look to the side, but look straight ahead. The result was tension. And Taichi is about not being tense.

The reason for this correcting my posture was, of course, trying to do the movements and posture right. So, I figured what I needed to do, was allowing myself to do the movements wrong.

I then allowed my body to move to the side, when I should keep straight ahead. I allowed my body to bow, when I should have been straight up. Carefully and completely feeling what I now was doing, these tendencies dissolved. And the tension went away.