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Emotions that cause constipation

While constipation can have physical causes, it often are particular emotions that make your body hold back your bowel movements.

Not being able to poop can be upsetting, because you know that your body needs to regularly relieve itself.

People often look for physical causes for constipation. And that's good, as often …

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Which feelings are emotions?

We use the word 'emotions' a lot, but it's not always clear which feelings we mean by that.

Someone sent me a link to the Atlas of Emotions. I found it interesting that this nice website shows a kind of map of emotions, with 5 main emotions …

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Your facial expression in the mirror

Sometimes it is difficult to access your feelings. A way to get in touch with them, is checking out your facial expression in the mirror.

Particularly when you're scared, but also with other emotions, it may be difficult to actually feel what you are feeling. Tension is one thing that makes this difficult. But also, you will …

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Dry lips and emotions

Dry lips seem to be a purely physical problem. But I found that they can be caused by tension in the lips, and have a lot to do with emotions.

When I had dry lips, and I sensed my lips to find out what was actually happening, I found that there actually was quite some tension in them. I thought it could be quite possible, that the …

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Doing Taichi wrong - on purpose

By trying to do the movements of Taichi right, all kinds of tensions developed in my body. How I found that doing the movements wrong, on purpose, relaxes.

A month or so ago, I noticed several pains in my upper back. While paying attention to what was happening, over time I noticed that tensions were causing the pains. Focussing even more on the …

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Exercises that support working through emotions

Various exercises, like meditation, a body scan, and Taichi, can help you concentrate, slow down, and have your attention inside your body.

In order to work through emotions, it is useful to:

  • Slow down, as this helps you to start noticing the things you would normally tend to skip over
  • Have your attention insid …

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