Spiritual development

How working through the feelings of the Ego is a way of spiritual development and self-realization.


In various traditions of spiritual development, the aim is self-realization. The Ego here is considered the obstacle to overcome.

An effective way to transcend the Ego, is to work through it. One makes the Unconscious conscious, and thus, bit by bit, the Ego dissolves.

This is the process that the "Diamond Approach" uses, in the Ridhwan School. The working through process here is called "Inquiry." Since I'm a Ridwhan student since 2007, I can give you a taste of the Diamond Approach. (Please keep in mind that I'm not an official Ridhwan teacher.)

If you're on a different spiritual path, this could also be an addition to that.

If you are just curious about how you tick, even if you don't really have much difficulty with life, it can still be rewarding to let me guide you deeper into your feelings and emotions. You'd be surprised what can come up.