In many cases, depression can be made less intense by getting more insight into your feelings, and working through the emotions.


Most people have at least a general idea about what being depressed is. Being gloomy, and not finding interest or joy in anything. Having many negative thoughts, and feeling little motivation to take on things.

If you feel depressed, but life is still managable for you, and you don't have suicidal thoughts, I may be able to help you. I can help you get more insight into what's going on in you, and help you process your feelings and emotions.

Depression with a physical cause

It is good to keep in mind, that depression can sometimes have a physical cause. Your doctor (GP) can help you get clear if that might be the case. If it is, my approach is less suitable, and it is better to get treatment for the underlying cause.

These could be things like an under-active thyroid gland, a lack of iron, or of vitamin B12. If you happen to be quite sensitive to the amount of daylight, you could have a winter depression. Women sometimes have hormonal changes after pregnancy, that make them depressed.

When depression is problematic

When you are so depressed, that you don't get out of bed, or you no longer go to work or school, it is better to visit your GP, rather than get me to help you. He or she can refer you to a suitable therapist or psychiatrist.

Suicidal thoughts

When a depression is severe, or you have thoughts about committing suicide, my approach is not quite suitable. It is then better to get treatment from a therapist or psychiatrist in your neighborhood.

Visit your GP, or call a suicide hotline, when you feel desperate, or you just want to get help. You can find lists of hotlines on

Manic Depression

Some people have alternating periods in their life, where they are really active, and then depressed. During the active periods, they feel really good about themselves, are full of optimism, do lots of stuff, and sleep little. This then changes to a period of pessimism and depression.

Because of the alternation of the active and the depressed periods, this is called bipolar disorder. It is also called manic depression.

If you have this, it is a good idea to go to your doctor (GP), and let him or her get you the right treatment.